Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Doc Visit

Yesterday (Jan 14th) was our meet-n-greet with our baby doctor.  She was great!  Quick and to the point, lots of info, answered all our questions thoroughly but yet at the same time didn't rush us out.  I really liked her.  We also had an ultrasound for our 11 week check-up!  What an amazing picture!  So much change in such a short period of time, it's actually a Lil Arroyo now!

Sorry the photo isn't a bit clearer but it'll have to do for now.  Now, if any of you are like me, with very untrained eyes...whenever someone has showed me an baby ultrasound photo, I could NEVER figure out what in the world I was looking at!  I always just said, "Oh, that's nice." 

SO, let me explain what you are looking at....first of all the baby was laying on it's side and turned away from us so we are looking at it from the back going from left to right in the photo, the first circle is the baby's head, little bit of neck, belly, and legs are going off and out of the picture so you can't really see them.

On the top, middle part of the head is the ear and the little mark that looks like a piece of rice kinda in mid-air above the top of the belly is a little arm!  Cute huh?  It has a very strong heartbeat which is good and the doctor says everything is on track and looking great!  No more restrictions for me so back to a more normal exercise routine and just trying to be healthy.  It was so cute because as we were looking at the ultrasound the baby jumped around a few times inside my belly!  A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!


  1. Perfect baby picture --- I can see lil arroyo just fine :)
    keep up the good work, little momma!!

  2. I really think you should have a boy. Your dad needs one :) SO EXCITED!! Keep those pics coming!

  3. What a great 1st photo of your LO. Made me all tear up.