Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He's on the Move!

So Lil Arroyo is finally on the move...yep, that's right, I have felt him move around a bit in the last week or so.  Wasn't sure what it was at first but now I know.  They say earlier on baby's movements feel like "butterflies" in your stomach, but not sure what that really feels like and since having a baby inside me gives me all sorts of stomach issues/pains/etc., I just never quite know if it's the baby or something else.  But it seems that it's official!  I can feel him move around now!  Very exciting!

1 comment:

  1. Thats so exciting! It makes it more real and not just a bloated feeling going on in the tummy :)Im not sure if Roberto can feel your little boy yet, however thats great time too....I recall the 1st time seeing Isabelle move was after the Memorial last year....I was not feeling very good that day...then while we were at dinner she moved and u saw this little ball push up LOL very exciting :)