Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday???....Not Quite

So many of you know I had kidney stones and a kidney infection a few weeks back (OUCH!) and it seemed that it went away, I finished the medicine, etc. but I have had a very small amount of pain still and it seems it is getting progressively worse at night so early this morning I decided to call the doctor and to go to Urgent Care.  It may be I am still trying to pass a stone or two that is in the kidney and not necessarily a recurring infection, etc so I just have to keep drinking tons of liquids and wait and see.

We also had our hospital tour scheduled for today so we had to do that, saw the birthing rooms where we will have our little boy this summer and the woman answered everyone's questions.  As you can see below, Roberto was not as excited as I was to do the tour.

Then finally another trip to Babies-R-Us to try and take advantage of their Trade-In Event (25% off a stroller, high chair, etc when you bring in a used one).  After looking for WAY too long, we ended up getting a cool Pack-N-Play and got almost $50 off of it for the free stroller we got from someone off Craigslist that we brought in.  Great deal!  We also signed up to register but after 2 hours in the store we were both tired and crabby so needless to say we've only signed up!  Registry items will be added later. 

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  1. Wow what an ordeal!! I hope u feel better soon!
    Nice looking pack and play u got there! What a smart idea to buy and trade in from a craigslist purchase. We enjoyed r hospital tour, it helps to see the place and ask questions. We waited until the week before lol but that was fine. The nurse was like hope u took the birth no ;0) we went to one day that was enough for us haha basically they coach u any how and I did lots of research on my own. The nurse who gave r tour was the morning nurse who washed up Isabelle once born