Monday, February 14, 2011


So Friday afternoon we found out some exciting news and I'm sure you can guess what it is....yes, that's right!  We are having a boy!  It was the 15 wk check-up and that's is right on the edge of possibly finding out the gender.  However, we scheduled an extra ultrasound even though we weren't too sure we would be able to see anything.  The ultrasound tech has a 100% accuracy rate but we were still a little skeptical.  Well, to our surprise we did find out!  Some have asked for the ultrasound pics to be posted and I will try to do that tonight or tomorrow (if I remember!)  There are some cute ones of his legs and profile. 

Can't wait to welcome a cute little boy into the world in the summer.  We took our first trip to Babies-R-Us yesterday afternoon and that was pretty overwhelming! Whew!  They have just about everything so that's great, just hard to figure out what brand to buy, what colors, etc....lots to learn!  Now on with the plans!


  1. fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!!
    Congrats ~ can't wait to hear all the plans!

  2. So exciting!! He is going to be an adorable looking boy! That's so exciting u found at 15 weeks. We had to wait until 20 weeks. But it was better for us bc being a girl it's "harder" to make an error. When it's a boy there is no mistaking it. Knowing really allows time to bond! Have fun with all the planning.