Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And Yet Another Bathroom Photo Session At Work....

Took a few updated pictures because people are asking how big I am getting, think in the last few wks I have "popped" even more...what do you think?

Feeling ok these days, had a rough day yesterday so not sure what that was about but better today.  Although the tiredness is what REALLY gets me!  I guess Lil Arroyo is going through a growth spurt!  Week 18 update will be posted tomorrow!


  1. Love that lil' belly, and that lil' guy. You are too adorable for words. Yes, you have definitely turned into a lil' prego mama. Darling!!! Kisses to your sweet potatoe. :o)
    Love ya, Auntie Angie

  2. What a cute baby bump! You look great!

  3. Oh, Darci Kim - you look fantastic!