Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy Weekend

So we had our last ultrasound of the pregnancy to see Lil Arroyo on Friday afternoon.  This is the big one where they check all the anatomy and make sure he has all of his limbs, etc.  Everything was great with the kid, he has everything he should have and we got to see some really cute profile pictures! 

He was pretty relaxed and I don't think he liked getting poked and prodded as we looked at everything so he was trying to hide his face and turn away from us!  He just couldn't be bothered.  How cute.  He yawned while we were looking at him and then seemed to relax with his hands behind his head, just like his Papa. 

Here are a few pictures:

The first 2 are profile pictures, Lil Arroyo's head is on the right side of the pic, you can see where his eye eye, then the nose, the top lip that sticks out like his momma's (smile) and then his smaller bottom lip and a chin like his Papa's.

The picture on the right are of his cute little (kinda chunky) legs and the picture on the right is his foot, just to show he has all his toes!

After the ultrasound appointment we went to Babies R Us and finished our registry.  (Finally!)  Roberto enjoyed himself, as you can see....

On Saturday Stacie and I set out to find a crib and we were successful!  We went to Seagals (thanks for the recommendation Mirel!)  I can't believe I actually found the color and the heighth I needed/wanted.  The great thing about this one is that the front folds down so I will be able to pick up Lil Arroyo without standing on my tip toes! 

Lastly, we met up w/Roberto and finished registering at Target too, so all of our registering is finally done!  Yea!  We accomplished a lot this weekend and it feels great!  Now on to decorating the nursery!  We are thinking Winnie the Pooh is the the way to go....


  1. whew - what a weekend!! Great job - lil buster is very cute, too :)

  2. WOW thats great! The crib is such a great idea! Your little boy is just to cute!!! I think he may have his dad side profile :)