Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Glide or Not to Glide....

...THAT is the question.  So there is a lot of discussion about getting a glider (rocking chair) for the nursery to help put the baby to sleep or not to get it.  There is a lot in writing (and talking to other moms) from doctors, "experts," etc about perhaps NOT getting one and letting your baby "self-soothe" or put himself to sleep.  Some mothers say w/in the first 4 wks their baby learned to put themselves to sleep versus being dependent on the parent rocking them to sleep or feeding them until they went to sleep.  Magazines I've read say to do whatever you are doing to get them almost to sleep and then when they are still just a little bit awake put them down so they fall asleep on their own.  Otherwise they may wake up as soon as you put them down and it becomes a vicious cycle.  Who knows?

So the other option is to wait until after Lil Arroyo comes and see how it goes.  He may be able to sleep w/o a glider, who knows?  OR, we may be kicking ourselves for not already having one!  They are really nice but not super cheap and finding the right one that doesn't look like something you inherited from your granny is another challenge.  So, we'll see what we decide to do in the next few months.

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  1. What we learned is to keep our expectations low when it comes to babies sleep habits. That way you wont be "disappointed".Babies sleep habits are unpredictable and sleep comes down to your babies personality. Some babies have an easy time and can self sooth while others cant and need more help...think of how some adults are when it comes to sleep babies are the same however they are helpless to know how to go about it or cant use the same method therefor they depend on us...hopefully your little man will be an easy sleeper...Isabelle slept great from the 2nd month until month 6. She started teething and lots of developmental milestones therefore her sleep changed....I never needed a glider when she was young but my back has never been the same after having her so now that she is heavy and long I wish I had a chair.