Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 29 Already???


Wow, where does time go?  I can't believe I'm in my third trimester already and it's Week 29!  Crazy.  Lil Arroyo is going to be here before we know it.  We are busy w/the painting, Rob did the blue in the nursery and we are trying to let it dry/air out, picked up lots over the wknd and this morning too so we can do other rooms of the house, exciting to see some changes!  Will post pictures of the final, right now every wall and every room in the house was a beige/cashew color from when we moved in.  Some walls will stay that color but a lot are changing!  It'll be nice when it's all done.  All our paint is low VOC and low odor and the bedroom paint is from Benjamin Moore w/absolutely No VOC or No odor so that's the room I can help out w/the most and obviously probably where I spend most of my time! 

We had another prenatal class last night, "Childbirth Prep" and it covered all the general/basics.  Good teacher, WAY better than the last one that we signed up for (and kinda blew off).  She had lots of energy and made it fun.  The only negative is that it was 4 HOURS LONG.  Kinda rough after a full day of work for both of us but at the same time it's nice to get it done in 1 shot.  Some things we knew, some things were new and it was nice to ask questions and hear other's questions too.

I have to take another day off on Friday for the major glucose test to see if I do, indeed, have gestational diabetes!  Ugh~I hope not but I have a feeling I probably do w/all the sugar and carbs I've been eating during this pregnancy!  This poor little baby is gonna be huge!  So, the 1 hr test at the doctor's office was either inconclusive or positive so we'll see what happens Friday.  That one will definitely say I do or don't have it.  If I do, I just have it until after Lil Arroyo comes, no big deal.  It means a modified diet and probably checking my blood sugar throughout the day like a regular diabetic.  Whatever I need to do to ensure he's healthy is fine w/me, but I do love my sweets.....

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