Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Update

So I meant to post something on Friday after my doctor's appointment but was just too busy w/everything and then we also had convention Saturday and Sunday.  (Boy am I glad we went those 2 days, by July I am going to be too uncomfortable and probably making even more bathroom runs!  Thanks for the great seats Case, the legroom was REALLY appreciated!)

Well the doctor's visit was, as usual, all of 5-10 minutes.  As suspected, and as all previous visits go, it's not my weight gain or the size of my belly that causes the diabetes or any other problem for that matter, it's all in the numbers.  Maybe I have diabetes in my family, who knows???  Although pretty unlikely for being Asian.

So I have 2 more ultrasounds scheduled before Lil Arroyo comes so she can make sure he's still not getting too big and that this diet is indeed working.  Boy it's tough finding a balance w/this diet thing, I mean I still either eat too much in one sitting or not enough and am looking for my next snack every 30 mins to an hour.  It's challenging.  I have my class tonight after work from 630 - 830p so that will be good to get the real info on how to manage all of this, I can start taking my blood sugar levels to really determine how the food is affecting me and after all is said and done, if I can't manage it w/diet, then I can take some meds that are safe for the baby until Lil Arroyo is born.  I'd rather not take anything though, so we'll see....

What else?  Below are a few pics from this weekend, not sure why I don't take more when I'm with people, I will make sure there are plenty of pics taken on Saturday at the shower, I'm so excited!  Family arrives Thu and then here we go for a whirlwind weekend!

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