Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Diabetes Update

So I had another doc appt on Fri with another ultrasound (when you have diabetes you get a few extra ultrasounds) although Lil Arroyo was being just as stubborn as usual and wouldn't show his face!  He had both his arms up covering so it almost looks like he has a mask on.  After some poking and prodding from the tech he finally put the furthest arm down but still wouldn't budge with the other one.  What a little stinker!

Everything looked fine though, he is about 4.4 lbs and there is still enough space in my belly and fluid in there for him.  It doesn't feel like it much these days though!  He feels like he is getting super big and is pushing out on my tummy in all shapes and sizes these days!  Not very comfortable!

The diabetes is still a challenge and getting my numbers down is still a challenge, they are still a little higher than they should be even w/a pretty strict diet.  Therefore the doc started me on meds that won't hurt me or the baby.  So we'll see what that does.  The body is a funny thing because the last few days my numbers have actually been where they are supposed to be (amazing as that sounds) but that is very random and just 1 pill a day should hopefully get everything down to where they should be.  Follow-up with a nutritionist again this wk and then yet another doc appt on Friday.  Will have another ultrasound next month too.

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