Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doc Update

So we had our ultrasound yesterday and it's hard to see too much since Lil Arroyo is so big now.  He's estimated to be about 6.5 lbs now (they can't really estimate his length in an ultrasound) but everything measured well and there's also plenty of fluid in there still, which explains how much he still moves around!  His head is down (and of course we couldn't see his face AGAIN) in the perfect position for birth so we are all set there.

I am also now dilated to about 3 so that is moving along well too, and with gestational diabetes patients the doctor doesn't like to go much past 39 weeks due to the size of the baby, the blood sugar going up and down, being on the medication, etc etc so we also scheduled an induction for Thursday, July 28th!  Scary and crazy and exciting at the same time.  SO, if Lil Arroyo doesn't come on his own before then, I will be induced on July 28th!  Honestly, I think he will be coming before then, just the way my body feels, I am getting more and more pain where I have not had any before and my belly is just getting bigger too!  We'll just have to wait and see....

Did a lot of returns with my mom today so that was super helpful.  Rob got a lot of baby blankets and onsies washed yesterday so we are crossing things off our list.  My bag is almost packed too!  Things are looking up!  Will keep you posted!

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