Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Weekend

Thursday afternoon my work gave me a baby shower and Roberto came!  It was really nice, I ended up getting another pack-n-play which is perfect for keeping at my parent's house since Stacie already has one at hers.  Plus I got lots of great books (guess they want Lil Arroyo to be smart or something) and cute things from everyone else.  Really nice.

We also had a regular check-up with the doctor and turns out my body is already preparing for this baby to come!  On Friday she told me I am already dialated 1 CM and he will probably come a week early!  O boy!  We better get ready!

After that we had a nice long weekend last weekend, did Friday at the convention since we didn't go to that day previously and then Sat - Mon we relaxed, Roberto finished up the painting that needed to be done in our house with our bedroom so nice to get that out of the way.  Have to put that all back together tonight but it looks great!  (By the way, the Benjamin Moore Natura paint is a great way to go for prego women or just anyone that wants more natural, no odor no voc since that's not good for anyone.  It really doesn't smell or give off fumes, it was great.)

Had a nice massage on Sat cuz my hips are still killing me and Monday went to my mom's to do a bunch of cooking which was super helpful cuz we have NOT been doing any cooking at all.  Eating out or picking up food way too much and also not eating very healthy.  (That's becoming a huge challenge for me in this last month, my diabetes eating.  I HATE IT!  You are already so uncomfortable and irritable and whatever that the last thing you want to think about is when you ate last, what you ate, don't forget to write it down, and prick your finger.  Oye Vey.  So trying to keep up with that and not stray off the diet too too much.)

Another check-up this Friday and now they want to monitor Lil Arroyo's heartbeat each week (guess it's standard for getstational diabetes patients) so we will be doing that after the check-up.  Also looking forward to one more ultrasound this month, hopefully he won't be so shy this time and show us his cute little face!  Can't wait to see him in person!!!!!

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