Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Monday!

So we made it thru the weekend w/no baby yet!  (I just realized that the name of this blog will be changing soon too, with the debut of our lil arrival and the "unveiling" of his name.  Sorry, that has been kept under wraps for over 9 months now....but it won't be much longer and you will all be using his name!)

More contractions and back pain now too so we know things are moving right along.  Not suprising that I am more tired and sleeping as much as I can, when I can (hooray for afternoon weekend naps!) and just wrapping up a lot of loose ends at home and also at work this week.  I am confident this next weekend won't end without a new baby in hand.  (And if Sunday the 24th does come and go without a baby, well, I don't know what to say....)  I think my family is right and I am growing almost "daily" now so if he doesn't show himself by next weekend you probably won't want to talk to me anyways cuz I'll be too crabby and uncomfortable!

Anyhow, doing a last minute run tonight or tomorrow night to Babies R Us to order the rocker, get a few things from the registry with their great 10% discount....ordering a glider which should be here within a week, Roberto set up the Pack-N-Play yesterday that has a bassinet part already on top so that's what Lil Arroyo will be sleeping in when he comes home....dressers will be put together sometime this week so that's another plus.  Slowly but surely we are getting it all together and not freaking out either!  Amazing!  Just can't wait to see what this beautiful baby looks like.....thanks to everyone for their kind emails, calls and text messages and "well wishes" as everyone is just as anxious (if not more!) for Lil Arroyo to come!

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