Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's see eye to eye on this. I'm not a bad baby, just following the baby union rules.

Look at that finga. One word for ya; food. Now see my shirt; another word for ya; hostage. You wanna see these wool machines again; you'll play nice. Capisce.

9 Weeks Already?

Logan is now 12.5 lbs and about 24 inches long!  We call him Chubs around the house.  Got a clean bill of health from the pediatrician and all is well.  (Pay no attention to the spit bubbles...)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Will only make me stronger

Got my vaccinations today and it didn't even hurt. It was over before I even knew it began. I'm so happy that now I'm gonna hit you with my gerber face.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

minahhhhh; laiven!

oh nice lady, look at my glasses! Do you think these are to big for my seeing schwoil. 


Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Afternoon

Tuesday we had a little bit of a melt down in the morning so we weren't able to venture out like we wanted to so yesterday we tried again and made it!  Lunch downtown and a stroll thru Powell's Books made for a fun afterrnoon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

so sorry

you gotta understand; that post from before, was just my morning face. Tell you what no hard feelings and I'll give you the cuddly coo face, K. You're a  doll; love ya ;p

Monday, September 19, 2011



Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Sleep 'Til...Brooklyn (Actually I'd Be Happy w/Any City...)

Future Sumo Wrestler
Boy, does Logan know how to stay awake or what?  Just check out some pics from this week, he loves to be awake.  We love that about him but no naps?  Sleeping about 3 hours or less during a 12 hour period?  NOT GOOD!  So we are working on it and it's getting better the last few days.  I hope he doesn't become one of those babies that only catnaps (I don't care what the monkey says!) like 30 mins at a time a few times during the day.  The nighttime sleep is getting better though too, I am happy to report.  In fact just the last week or so during the day and night the Lil Man has started to love (and sleep) in his swing a lot more.  That has been a blessing!

A Morning Person

So we'll see what tomorrow brings....who knows, everyday is so different.  Everyone said to take Logan out all the time and that will make him tired but that didn't seem to work, in fact the last few days I have purposely stayed home to try and get him to sleep more or get on some sort of a sleep schedule cuz the kid just isn't givin' me a break!  Today is so yucky and gray out, we'll have to start bundling up for our walks, unfortunately.

Future Model

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey you understand... no hard feelings

if it were up to me I'd let you sleep.
but the monkey; 
the monkey says no. 
So I gotta do what the boss says.
Tell ya what, I'll let ya catnap and then if the boss is Ok with it every once  and a while you can sneak in a little snooze.
Hey what can I say I'm a very giving person.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy Hair

So I was taking Logan out for a little outing and trying to get his hair to be cute and curly like at bath time but something went terribly wrong.....

O well, he doesn't seem to mind it very much, although just so you know.....we didn't leave the house looking like that!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bath Time!

Can you tell that Logan likes bath time?  Not sure if it's just because he is getting older or because his hair is getting longer but when it's wet it's a little curly, so cute.  Either way, we have fun playing with his hair and he likes being in the warm water too!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Logan's Story

So I haven't posted in FOREVER as you can probably tell.  Roberto has been posting since Logan was born, hence the few words and better photos.  (Smile!)  All is well with us and it has been 6 weeks since Mr. Logan was born!  Can you believe it?  Time really flies.  It's crazy.  Well, a lot has happened in 6 weeks, let me tell you...but let's start off from the beginning....

Back in late July all my co-workers, friends, family etc kept asking how long I was going to keep working and my answer was always "until the baby comes" and I really meant it because I felt pretty ok.  I just thought that I would have 3 months off after he was born so no need to rush and use up my vacation and maternity leave if I didn't have to.  Well that's exactly what happened.  My last day of work was July 21st and that night I had the most back and stomach pains, well contractions really, that by the time I woke up on Friday morning I was DONE.  I had had it and emailed my bosses at work and told them I was officially starting my maternity leave that day!  Whew!  What a relief.  Fortunately I had everything in order at work and felt completely comfortable leaving then and they were fine with it as well. 

That Friday, July 22nd I had a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment to check on my status and the baby's status and Dr. Barrett was really trying to get things moving and get this baby out!  I was dilated to a 4 by then (I think..trying to remember) so she was pretty convinced this baby was coming this weekend! 

We left the doctor's office, with more and more small contractions happening and went to do a few errands, pick up a few things but by the time we got home a little bit later and starting talking we decided we should get things ready (I didn't even really have my bag packed!) in case Logan decided to come that evening.  Well sure enough, I started timing the contractions and they were getting closer and a little more intense and my water broke that evening around 930pm!  It wasn't at all like in the movies, it wasn't a flood but definitely a good amount!  I was standing in my living room talking to my mom on the phone (who, by the way, was texting and calling every 5 mins to see the progress) and I felt something happening that I couldn't control!  Strange feeling, like going pee but not being able to stop it or control it!  Crazy.  And it happened in stages cuz it happened a few times later at the hospital as well, so not all at once by any means.

Well, after that we decided it was time to go to the hospital and I called my doc on the way.  When I checked in to Good Sam things were progressing slowly so nothing was needed, I just hooked up to monitors, my family went home since I was supposed to be getting some sleep before things really got going.  At that point I still was undecided if I was going to have an epidural since I didn't know how the pain would be.  WHEW!  I never knew I wanted anything more by 7am Saturday morning!  Since I hadn't progressed along far enough, (and I think the anesthesiologist wasn't available in the early morning) I went 12a - 7a w/o the epidural and it was ROUGH to say the least.  Wow, never felt anything like that before.  I asked about it several times so I was so glad when he came in!  Risks or not, I wanted that drug!  It worked it's magic definitely.

So during the day things progressed slowly and by 4p that afternoon Doctor Barrett was ready for me to start pushing.  I pushed for 2 intense hours (sounds like a lot to me but some have done more) and it was like a workout!  Plus the poor lil guy was a bit stuck and turned so the doctor was worried by the end of the 2 hours I was so exhausted I was going to give up and would need a C-Section.  (I wasn't aware she was thinking of doing this....I think I was so out of it but focused on getting this kid out that I didn't hear a lot of what was being said...) but the next option before surgery was to use the vacuum.  The risks were a little unnerving but at the same time I completely trusted her and fortunately Logan came right out w/only one use.  The cute buggar had a bit of a cone head due to it for the first 24 hrs but after that it went back to normal.  Thank goodness for all that hair, what a blessing in disguise!

The first few wks were definitely rougher than anything I had ever gone thru.  We had several appts for Logan, he had jaundice, couldn't get his weight up, kept going back to the doctor for check-ups, his numbers weren't high enough for the Billy Blanket so he just had to feed a TON and poop and pee the jaundice out, and then he had feeding issues and was tongue-tied so that had to be dealt with....plus just the newborn challenges that come along w/having a baby.  In the meantime I was trying to heal, get some sleep, get used to this new baby, and would cry at the drop of a hat!  (Poor Roberto!)

But, fast forward to today, things are going fairly well.  Little man has acid reflux unfortunately so I have changed my diet and cut out several things but it seems to be helping him, plus we have to keep him upright more after he eats, try and burp him several times (difficult at 3am!) and possibly give him smaller meals but more often.  Trying to avoid giving him prescription medicine so early in life, but if things get a lot worse we will have to.  So, we will see.  Seems to be maintaining ok w/these little things so we will see how it goes in the next few weeks.

Getting Logan to sleep at night is a big hurdle but everyone says that is normal.  First he wouldn't stay asleep and now he won't go to sleep!  Crazy kid!  We rack our brains and try everything, sleep positions, rooms to sleep in, lights on, lights off, colors, blankets, swaddlers, times, baths, etc etc etc so that's a work in progress.  Needless to say, we are learning to live on less sleep.  :)

Sorry this was so long, sure I have missed something in this posting but wanted to update you all if you didn't know how everything happened.  We love having this little guy, he is ABSOLUTELY adorable and I think we never thought we could love something so much!  I never knew I could have so much patience and as a parent you learn to be so much more self-sacrificing.  What a nice side effect of being a parent.  He is a strong little boy, holding his head up during his 2nd wk, turning it from side to side, squeezing fingers tightly and then by the 4th wk pushing his chubby legs out a lot and kicking them out a lot, trying to stand believe it or not.  He's superman!  By now he weighs around 10.5 - 11 lbs and is growing everyday.  He loves to eat!  So we will keep updating the blog, let you know how we are and how Logan's doing, he changes everyday and are so glad we can share this huge part of our lives with you all.