Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Sleep 'Til...Brooklyn (Actually I'd Be Happy w/Any City...)

Future Sumo Wrestler
Boy, does Logan know how to stay awake or what?  Just check out some pics from this week, he loves to be awake.  We love that about him but no naps?  Sleeping about 3 hours or less during a 12 hour period?  NOT GOOD!  So we are working on it and it's getting better the last few days.  I hope he doesn't become one of those babies that only catnaps (I don't care what the monkey says!) like 30 mins at a time a few times during the day.  The nighttime sleep is getting better though too, I am happy to report.  In fact just the last week or so during the day and night the Lil Man has started to love (and sleep) in his swing a lot more.  That has been a blessing!

A Morning Person

So we'll see what tomorrow brings....who knows, everyday is so different.  Everyone said to take Logan out all the time and that will make him tired but that didn't seem to work, in fact the last few days I have purposely stayed home to try and get him to sleep more or get on some sort of a sleep schedule cuz the kid just isn't givin' me a break!  Today is so yucky and gray out, we'll have to start bundling up for our walks, unfortunately.

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