Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to Work....

I finally got a decision from my job about part-time work and they approved it!  I work Mon and Wed in the office and I work from home on Tues!  Yahoo!  I am so grateful and start the new schedule this week.  Nice to spend time with Logan but also with a little time away, plus he will get some nice quality time with Daddy on Mondays and family/friends on Wednesdays, so it all seemed to work out great.

We had a 3 month check-up for Logan last Monday and the lil guy is big and healthy weighing in at 13.8 lbs now!  He got a few more shots and between that and the acid reflux this last week we had some rough days but he's still doing pretty good.  The pedicatrician also confirmed he has eczema. Poor guy!  Some people say it's inherited but Roberto and I don't have eczema so not sure what to think.  It's getting really bad on his face, but his arms and legs have just dry, bumpy spots in various places.  So we've stopped wrapping him in wool blankets or putting any wool on him in case that is irritating his skin even more.  She also said to bathe him every day and w/in 3 mins of his bath put on creme all over his body, not lotion but creme since it's thicker and helps keep the moisture in.  I just got some good Calendula creme today at New Season's so we'll try something more natural like that.  I've heard from lots of people how good Calendula is for babies and read a lot online so hopefully it helps, I feel bad for him!  Just hope it's not too itchy. 

So, we'll see how next week works out with the new schedule.  Should be a nice balance to my schedule, plus it gives me 4 days in a row off.  By Mon I will probably be ready to get out of the house!  (Also, thanks to Dakota for yesterdays pic!)

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  1. WoW that is great about work! couldn't have been more perfect for u guys!