Friday, October 21, 2011


So I had an appt to follow-up my gestational diabetes with a clinic in NW Portland that specializes in diabetes, my numbers are still a little bit higher than normal and I got sick of checking my blood sugar when no matter what I ate or when I ate it they were still a little bit high.  The doctor was really nice, we talked about the numbers, my diet, etc and she said since it had only been 3 months since the baby was born it was still kinda close to the pregnancy.  (I guess sometimes the further you get from the pregnancy the lower your numbers go.)  So that was one factor, but honestly I am wondering if possibly I had diabetes of some sort (or was on the edge of getting it) before I got pregnant but was just never tested for it or showed symptoms of it.  That was something she suspected as well.

So she didn't want to formally say I had diabetes since the numbers were not that high, and I have to check in with her in 3 months.  Since Logan was born I have lost a good amount of weight, I weigh less than when I got pregnant, but she suggested losing a little more weight and more specifically getting regular exercise.  So not sure how easy that is going to be but if it helps me not be diabetic then I need to try.  So walks w/Logan but since the weather is getting cold and wet, this probably means trips to the gym....will just have to make time.  ;(

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  1. Hoping the best for you and I am sure things will balance it self out in time ;)