Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So when we took Logan to get his 2 month check-up the doc was asking how his acid reflux was going and if I had modified my diet and as many of you know I have....(no dairy, gluten, eggs, spicy food) and she wanted us to try and add it back in.  We didn't think that was a very good idea because SHE'S not here at 11pm when he's fussing and spitting up and NOT going to sleep because I ate something that didn't agree with him!  Well, I still tried and last week ate dairy and it took an extra 4 hrs to put him to bed and he spit up a lot so NO DAIRY and last night I ate wheat pasta (BIG MISTAKE) and lots of spit up/throw up, even a little bit today so, we now know they still don't agree with him and/or make his acid reflux way worse. 

The ped actually wanted us to try 3 different times but no thanks, not dealing with that again!  We'll try in a few months because I do agree that their little systems are changing all the time as they get older so maybe what bothers him today won't bother him later but it's easier to not eat it than to deal with him not feeling well.

Other than that he is sleeping better at night and in longer periods so that's been nice.  If he gets his naps in during the day he sleeps so much better at night and goes to sleep quicker so we have to stay home a bit more but that's ok.  Right now I'm waiting to hear back from my job about working PT, we'll see what happens....

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  1. I never did what the PED said to do LOL....Like you said they arent there they dont know. I agree wait for a few months. Around 4 months thats when I added dairy back into my diet. Then little by 8 months I increased my other restrictions.