Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well I'm happy to report Logan is sleeping fairly well at night and if we are at home he gets in some good naps during the day, which seems to help the night sleep.  (Although as I type this he is wide awake and sitting w/Roberto watching TV, something that is becoming a favorite thing for him!  Not sure if that is a good or bad thing...)

Anyhow, he is sleeping up to 5-6 hrs a night now!  It's amazing!  Three months does seem to be the magic number for things for his reflux???  Well, I am not sure if it's his reflux or what is going on but the poor lil guy is spitting up a lot lately.  The last few days he has been spitting up, sometimes in more amounts than others, and we are not sure why.  Is he becoming that baby that just spits up after he eats all the time?  I hope not!  Most of the time he isn't too bothered w/the spit up but sometimes he is.  I am keeping to my diet so not sure what the issue is....we have a check-up w/the pediatrician Monday so maybe that will shed some light on it....

Anyways....what else?  I'm on the hunt for more GF/DF meal ideas, time to bring the crockpot out again, especially with winter here, good soup and stew time, although Roberto is not a big fan of those but they are easy so we'll see....we got the new iPhone and switched from AT&T to Sprint because it was cheaper, the phone is great!  The camera is awesome, excited to use FaceTime with friends and family and like the Siri app.

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