Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Firsts....

Logan got his first pair of jeans last week, they are so cute and warm!  He looks more like a little boy each day!

We have also discontinued the rice cereal because he may be allergic to it, not sure but we are pretty convinced that is what has broked out his poor little mouth all around it.  (You'll notice in the below pics.  How can this be?  This kid IS half Korean - allergic to rice?  Sheesh!  If I have to take it out of MY diet as well......that's gonna be a difficult decision.)  What a bummer too, just when we got his eczema under control!  Ugh!  This kid, I tell ya....they don't make 'em like they used to!  He did get to try a banana for the first time the other day though, interested in it as just like everything else but after a few tastes he stuck his tongue out and wouldn't take anymore!  So we may try again today or tomorrow but we are trying to clear up the rash around his mouth so we are giving the solids a rest for a few days, he's had nothing since Fri.

Logan also got his first haircut by our friend Nathan last night!  Nathan was a trooper for doing us this favor and Logan was a trooper for sitting pretty still....he did great!  He now looks more like a little boy!  (That makes me both happy and sad at the same time.)

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