Monday, January 30, 2012

Poor Little Face...

Ever since Logan was born he has had so many skin issues with his face, it is so sensitive!  AND when we just seem to get it under control, cleared up and looking better something always seems to happen whether it's a new food, too many people holding him or touching his face or stress.  Yes, stress.  It can actually flare up eczema believe it or not and we've seen it firsthand! 

The other night when we decided to try the doctor's tips with putting Logan to bed his face was a mess that night and the next morning from all the crying!  He was going hoarse he was crying so hard!  Pobrecito!

Anyhow, we decided to keep trying our methods but doing more of it in his room.  Roberto moved up the glider into his room (although it's a little tight) so he/I can sit in it at bedtime/naptime with him or during the night.  We are also doing 30 mins of "quiet time" before we try to put him down for the night so he's not so stimulated and again just trying to be consistent. 

During the day we are really trying to focus on him eating more (after the doc visit we see he doesn't always eat as much as we think he does) and even at night if he needs to eat before bed that's fine, seems to sleep better on a full tummy anyways.  We'll see what happens....

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