Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rough Night

Boy, we are not sure what happened but last night was no fun for us or Logan. He threw up really badly a few times and before and after he was totally out of it, lethargic, super tired, and staring into space a little. Kinda scary for us and he has never gotten real sick from his shots but the information they give you at the doctor's office says it can make him do all those things it's just never happened. Plus he had no fever so that helped us to not COMPLETELY FREAK OUT.

Or it could have been the new foods being introduced, so hard to say with a baby! We were determined to try the tips the pediatrician told us to do for sleeping but when this all happened at around 9p we were definitely not leaving him alone in his room! (Clearly it was all part of his master plan! Sneaky boy!)

Today seems better though so that's a relief, didn't want to make another trip to the doc! Although, he was visiting with his Tia Angie yesterday, which is when the below pic was taken, and he sure looks ok then!

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