Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mmmmmmmm soup

So I'm constantly looking for new things to cook to fit ours/Logan's dietary needs and I've had a bag of lentils in my cupboard for months. I got a ham over the weekend and it was way too big (in fact we still have some left after eating it w/every meal!) so I tried to figure out ways to incorporate it in various dishes. (I feel like my friend's grandma, she makes a pot of beans and then feeds it to the family 10 different ways! Not quite there yet...)

I've made a pasta dish with it and cooked it with kale and now this lentil soup. I just used what I had in the house because I'm too lazy to go to the store and it turned out great! I even let the ham bone cook in w/the soup for flavor.

Logan got to try lentils for the first time today too! Looks like he's a fan!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesdays w/Grandma

I just woke up in the photo below so I'm a bit sleepy but I luv Wednesdays with Grandma!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I'm a big fan of Petunia's baked goods, they are here in Portland but don't have an actual retail store yet.  They sell their stuff in Whole Foods, New Seasons, etc but today I tried their Thin Mint Brownie and it's really good!  Had their Cowboy cookie last week!  All of their stuff is Gluten Free and Vegan, perfect for me and Logan!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Paradox Cafe

Went to Paradox Cafe in SE Portland today with Tonia and Cayson, it was delicious! Almost everything is vegan and many things are gluten free which is obviously perfect for Logan and I! Their sauces are homemade and their portions are good size, turned out to be a great breakfast with friends!

I had the smothered taters and a corn cake which was the size of a large plate! Yum!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Ideas

Just wanted to share this link with everyone, it's from Real Simple and it's neat ideas for getting double uses out of things in your house:


Happy Tuesday

Logan has always growled or sounded like a cat in pain but lately he's doing his growling more so he went from a kitty to a lion!


The pic below is after Logan woke up from his afternoon nap, and as you can see, he wakes up pretty happy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Logan saying "Mama"


Time is Flying....

So I can't believe it's been almost 7 months!  In 10 days Mr. Logan will be officially 7 months old! (We stopped counting by weeks a long time ago!)  His sensitive skin issue continues.....Poor boy, he had some avocado the other day and it clearly still doesn't agree with him so his face has been a mess and then we are pulling out clothes from 2 new drawers because he is getting bigger and they had all been washed in our previous detergent and so his face and neck broke out pretty badly.  It's crazy how sensitive his skin is.

Today he is at home enjoying the day with his Daddy.  I think "Mama" is going to be his first official word, he practically says it now, just not directly without any other babble mixed in!  We have also been on the hunt for really good bibs.  Up until a few weeks ago we were just using the ones we got from all the baby showers (which were a lot) but some were kinda thin and then with various washes and him growing they just weren't working.  So I searched at a lot of stores and online but ended up finding some thicker ones and solid colors at Babies R Us so that's good.  My girlfriend's sister also makes bibs and ties so I am actually ordering some bibs from her.  I'm excited to see what they look like and how they will stand up to all of Logan's drool!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Takin' it Back....

Logan got a new highchair for Grandma and Grandpa's house so he's trying that out today.  And to my surprise, Grandma saved my "Chip" cup (from Beauty and the Beast) and Strawberry Shortcake bowl from when I was a kid!  (Although SS really isn't that manly is she????  We'll have to work something else out there....)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Tuesday

Happy to be home with Mom today! Rough night being back in my own room by myself but hopefully tonight will be smoother for me!

Monday, February 6, 2012


What is roseola?

Roseola (roseola infantum) is a mild illness caused by a virus. It is generally harmless and is most common in children 6 months to 2 years of age. It is rare after age 4.

What causes roseola?

Roseola is caused by two common viruses. The viruses belong to the family of herpes viruses, but they do not cause the cold sores or genital infections that herpes simplex viruses can cause. They are spread through tiny droplets of fluid from the nose and throat of infected people when they laugh, talk, sneeze, or cough. Roseola mostly spreads from infected people who don’t show symptoms.
If your child has roseola, keep him or her at home until there has been no fever for 24 hours and he or she is feeling better.

What are the symptoms of roseola?

Roseola often starts with a sudden high fever [103°F (39.4°C) to 105°F (40.6°C)] that lasts 2 to 3 days, although it can last up to 8 days. The rapid increase in temperature may be the first sign of roseola and often occurs before you realize that your child has a fever. The fever ends suddenly.

After the fever ends, a rosy-pink rash may appear mostly on the trunk (torso), neck, and arms. The rash is not itchy and may last 1 to 2 days.

A child with roseola may appear fussy or irritable and may have a decreased appetite.

Well, as you can see, we found out what Logan has been battling!  Roseola!  Poor guy.  Just as the doctor said, the fever did finally break by late Friday night but then the rash spread like crazy the next day and is now almost all over his body!  During the day he is a bit fussier, sleeps more and doesn't want many solids but he is usually not too bad.  However, it has not been fun at night, let me tell you.  He has been sleeping in our bed and Roberto (the hero that he is) is the one that's up with him the most.  He can survive on less sleep than me.  I usually pass out earlier closer to midnight or 11p and am pretty comatose!  Hopefully the rash will be gone in the next few days.  It seems to be a bit itchy too which is no fun either!

We have been putting Logan on his tummy more and more to see if he will crawl but he just doesn't seem to want to.  He does enjoy walking though, maybe he will skip crawling, although I've heard from many people that crawling helps a baby's brain developement so we'll see what happens.  He is getting really good at rolling over though, since he doesn't want to be on his stomach and crawl! 

Something else he also likes is getting his picture taken!  Obviously we have the camera and phone up in his face far too much because now he starts out w/a blank or straight face and then when he hears the camera clicking he starts posing and smiling! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Poor Mr. Logan, not sure if it's teething or he has caught a little bug.  I knew something was not right yesterday, he was tired all day, took close to 6-7 hrs in naps, didn't eat much solid foods until late in the day and was just kinda irritable a lot, which isn't like him at all.  Early this morning when I went to get him from his crib and feed him he felt pretty warm but the thermometer didn't show a high temp so I just tried to keep him uncovered.  He's just been more docile and/or cranky.  Roberto is with him today and he said his temp was a bit higher so we called the doc and are keeping an eye on him and the temp for the next few days to see if it goes down and if he'll eat more.  Guess he needs a little more cuddle time!  So glad today is my last day of work so I'll be with him.

(Man, this kid will do ANYTHING to sleep in our room!)  Just kidding!  Although, how could you resist that cute little face?