Saturday, March 24, 2012

8 Months Soon....

Well Logan had his 8 month check-up and last of his shots until he is 12 months old, thank goodness. The doctor is very unhappy with his lack of weight gain and wants us to give him wheat and dairy. As far as she's concerned, his weight gain and all the developmental things that come with it far outweigh a "lil face rash.". WEL you can imagine how that conversation went with her and I.....the whole appt should have been like 15 mins and it turned into over an hour.

I do understand the weight gain issues but also think she is highly underestimating his face problems and break outs. So we'll see, she wants this food introduction to be NOW and just deal w/side effects a they come but Roberto agrees, not while we're in NY. TOO MUCH. Plus I am suppose to go see these different specialists for Logan too and that won't happen until we get back so that's that.

In the meantime we are just trying to constantly stuff him AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and give him higher fat foods if possible. We MAY try some yogurt today but I wouldn't count on it...

Doc wants a 2 wk follow-up but we will barely be back from NY so we'll probably see her in a month....and she Papa will be taking the appt this time.

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