Friday, April 6, 2012

A Boy and His Giraffe

Happy Friday! This is Logan during his morning nap today, ran an errand and on the way home he was out! Trying to get him to get into a good schedule again now that we are home. In a way we are a bit thankful he didn't really get on E. Coast time so it's been a little easier getting him back on track, plus I just need to be more conscious to be at home during his nap times to keep him on schedule.

Last night was a bit of a late night, as it was for most of you, so that was a challenge, plus we are again, trying new foods with him and I had some goat cheese. I did great, no stomach aches at all but not Mr. Logan! Poor guy, he was in our room last night with an unhappy face. :(.

The good news is that I think we really focused on feeding him more during our trip so his appetite is up more, giving him rice milk now, trying out coconut milk, he's eating almost a whole banana at breakfast and last night he ate a full jar of meat and a veggie! What a piggie! Good job Logan! Keep it up!

Gonna set another appt for hopefully next week to follow-up w/doc about her weight concerns, never went to the other docs she wanted us to see but I think if he's gained weight she shouldn't care as much.

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