Thursday, May 10, 2012

9 Months Already

Can you believe it's already been 9 months!?!?!? Time has sure flown by for us, that's for sure. We had our 9 month check up on Monday for Logan and he weighed in at 17 lbs 4.5 oz, which means he gained almost 1 lb in a month! So happy about that, especially with all the flack we have been getting from the pediatrician during the last few visits. (Which, by the way, our next appointments are with A NEW pediatrician.FINALLY!)

Anyhow, Logan was 28 inches long and his head was 18.5 inches around. Big noggin! So growth in all areas, which is good. We continue to try new foods with him and his face continues to break out, poor guy! It seems to bounce back a bit quicker though now, which is nice.

We've also noticed he is getting bored with his regular baby foods so Roberto figured out he just wants more textures maybe, tonight he had bits of chopped up broccoli that had been sautéed along with his usual meat and some brown rice and green beans and he seemed to like it.

What else is new with Mr. Man? He's doing more and more faces and getting more and more vocal....he sure loves attention from his parents! Just becoming a talker and definitely voicing his opinion on things now. We can see his inherited stubbornness for sure....must be from his dad's side of the family! Ha! Still no crawling but he does seem more interested in it, think he is trying but needs to get more confidence, he leans forward and kinda rocks back and forth a little but then chickens out and sits back on his behind. Silly boy! He is sitting up really well though so that's good, and he is all over the house in his walker!

Enjoy these videos!



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