Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pictures Below:

So Logan is doing great playing and keeping himself busy while I get ready in the morning.

He is also super happy at mealtimes! He loves to eat and seems to be filling out an gaining more weight.

There's no pictured or this one but last night we had a little scare. He broke out in a terrible rash that started to welt up badly and it was after the doctor's office was closed so we took him to the ER. (By the way, the new Legacy Randall Children's Hospital is so nice! The ER visit was one of the best ER visits we've ever had - nice, clean, efficient, friendly and high-tech! The beds also weigh the kids! I guess I don't have to tell you ZGF was the architect that designed and built this place!)

Anyhow, the ONLY thing we can figure out is that there was something contamination with the take-out container that had the steamed rice in it, which is what Logan ate right before the breakout. We know it wasn't the rice because he always eats rice, PLUS he ate some of that SAME rice at the restaurant earlier in the day with no issues. Sounds crazy but it had to be the container, what a freak accident, right? Anyways kinda scary cuz he was going from bad to worse really fast and we weren't sure about swelling in his throat, etc etc so we ran him in. As we would have done, they have him Benadryl an he was such a trooper thru the whole visit. Slept well an seems to be ok today, eating like normal and being his silly self! Talking up a storm. Visiting the nutritionist today to see if she has recommendations on his wheat/dairy free diet. We'll see how it goes, took a month to get in!

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