Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sleep Saga Continues...

Poor Mr Logan, last night he fought and fought to go to sleep and cried a lot, night before he knocked out at 730 sharp and slept 12 hours! Every day continues to be different, but for the most part he goes down quick and easy and pretty much the same each night and sleeps a good solid 10 hours.

He continues to be such a good baby, loving him more each and every day! Cannot believe we are creeping up on a year!

Not much of a crawler still, rolls around to get things like he's in the military! Ha ha! Really he just wants to get up and walk and is doing great at it! Taken a few steps alone here and there and balances well by himself! Not too much longer, and then as most parents say....we'll probably wish we had the days back when he could only be carried!

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