Thursday, February 21, 2013


A gray rainy Thursday in Portland! Typical! Logan wants to go outside every chance he gets but it's too cold and wet today! Plus digging around in the backyard this early is just out of the question! A trip to the store is in order and maybe I can check on Storytime at the library. Germs are still going around as well as bugs so just trying to stay healthy! Logan recognizes more people in pictures this week which is nice, he keeps finding "Papa" (Grandpa) in the pics around the house and pointing him out. He also says "Ew" to stuff, apparently because he's heard me say it a lot! Ha! He is also in the middle of getting 4 (yes FOUR) new teeth at once. For the last few weeks actually so that explains his behavior a little more, poor guy! All in all he is doing awesome though, just love this guy!

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