Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Can't believe it's already Sat again! Busy morning and now Logan is down for a nap, although he is just in there talking. We are wondering how long he is awake for his naps and bedtime because if he's not really crying we don't pay much attention to him. I think he is up a lot longer than we think because I don't think he is really taking many 3-4 hr naps even though that's how long he's in there. Also in the morning he seems sleepy even though he supposedly slept 11-12 hrs! Guess we have to pull the monitor back out and start listening or see if he's waking up a lot during the night. At least he's usually content talking to himself or his stuffed animals.

He loves getting help doing summersaults now, and he's pretty fearless when it comes to sliding at the park now. He's also saying a new word almost every day and was counting on his own the other night! Glad things are still sinking in!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend is Over

Well it's already Sun night again! Time is flying by! Logan's new thing this week is to talk more to his stuffed animals - he gives them stuff and hi-fives or fist bumps them! So funny! His vocabulary is exploding too! This week starts a new schedule for us, I'm going back to work PT, just Mon and Wed each wk but 9 hr days so we'll see how he adjusts. Even when we are both home, if Roberto gets him from his room he runs into our room looking for me or constantly asks for "Mama?" So there will probably be an adjustment period but he'll be ok. Still working on our letters and numbers and colors!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Lil Man

My baby isn't such an baby anymore! He wanted to sit in the chair and listen to music while I was cooking and just looking over him he looks so old! Where did the time go?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We have needed to paint our house for a bit and finally decided on a color! Love it and they finished in one day!

Historic Belmont Firehouse

Logan and I visited the Belmont Firehouse this morning and he got to sit in a firetruck! He loved it! Such a nice day today, our house is also getting painted! Yahoo! Going from a beige w/dark brown trim (which we've never liked) to a coal blue w/white trim! Complete opposite but as it's going up I love it!

Logan is onto learning colors and numbers and letters now since he's mastered the names of body parts! Have these great foam numbers and letters that stick up on the bathtub so that's fun but they can be used outside the tub as well!

I also FINALLY found some good letter and number magnets so that's been fun for him as well. What a lil sponge, I tell ya! And now he doesn't wanna nap for some reason today so he's jumping around his crib and screaming and talking to himself! Silly boy!