Saturday, April 27, 2013


Can't believe it's already Sat again! Busy morning and now Logan is down for a nap, although he is just in there talking. We are wondering how long he is awake for his naps and bedtime because if he's not really crying we don't pay much attention to him. I think he is up a lot longer than we think because I don't think he is really taking many 3-4 hr naps even though that's how long he's in there. Also in the morning he seems sleepy even though he supposedly slept 11-12 hrs! Guess we have to pull the monitor back out and start listening or see if he's waking up a lot during the night. At least he's usually content talking to himself or his stuffed animals.

He loves getting help doing summersaults now, and he's pretty fearless when it comes to sliding at the park now. He's also saying a new word almost every day and was counting on his own the other night! Glad things are still sinking in!

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