Wednesday, September 18, 2013


DWednesday already?  Week is half over!  Had nice time with Stac today, can't believe they leave in 3 wks!  Months flew by!  Mr Logan continues to work on the potty training, he actually loves to sit on his potty and watch tv.  😳  He has successfully gone several times on his potty the last few days so trying to keep up the momentum....the hard part is him telling us he has to go.  Time to buy some "big boy" undies for him as an incentive, tired of these diapers already!  

Painting is done now - with the exception of a few touch ups!  Spent all day yesterday meticulously doing the stairs and parting I didn't get any on the carpet!  Turned out well though and love the color, nice change!  Now we have to finish up the smaller changes inside with the decorating to complete it all.

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