Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Friday!

So excited!  As you can see it's not Fridy yet but it feels like it!  House is pretty much and and it all turned out great!  And we have some special New Yorkers flying in tonight for a visit!  Can't wait!  Will be a busy fun weekend, now if only the weather would cooperate a little more!

Logan will be very tired come Monday but will have lots of fun!  He's a silly boy, such a big smile in this shot this morning, however when we used to tell him to say "Cheese!" During pics he would smile big right at the camera, now he just says it while looking somewhere else!  So I have to say "Show me your teeth!"

He's saying something new and funny every day, singing more songs and is just so ahead of us all the time!  Love him to death!

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