Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Movie Time!

Decoded to take Logan to a McMenamins for lunch and a movie today - saw the Lego Movie!  It is pouring rain outside so a good day to go to the movies.

First time I have taken him to a movie and it worked out well.  We ate a burger and fries while watching and since it was an 1130a showing on a weekday it was pretty empty.  He talked some and walked around the row but overall did pretty good.  (And enjoyed some M&Ms I smuggled in too!) 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Friday

Just picking up a few things at Trader Joes this morning....

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Wow this has been a crazy few days with all this snow!  Hasn't snowed this much in Portland since 2008!  Love the snow but we are getting a little stir crazy inside!  Comcast has been busy fixing cable despite the weather!  3rd round of the storm is in effect now, it's snowing again!  Will take Logan out again later when I make him a homemade snowsuit out of a trash bag!  Otherwise he gets too wet and cold and both of us still seem to have a faucet for a nose again!  :(

Done a few projects, watched movies and tv, baked and cooked but on the hint for another craft project this afternoon after his nap and am sure we will be in again tomorrow so need ideas for tomorrow too and Roberto will be in on Mon so this poor kid.  Gotta entertain him somehow!

Either way he's always smiling and laughing!