Thursday, March 6, 2014


Logan had a fun morning at OMSI yesterday, although he's been a little on and off this week.  Monday he barfed all over Roberto's iPad in the car and all over his car seat!  Poor guy!  Not sure what caused that.  

Tue I spent all day trying to get the smell out of the car seat, especially the straps!  Internet said vinegar so I wiped it down twice, each time letting it air dry with the fan.  Seems to be better but I think it still smells.  Ugh!  So....may be buying a new car seat in the near future!  Disgusting!

Last night again Logan was really out of it.  He finally took a decent nap yesterday so should have been well rested but was trying to pass out - had a fever - so he slept in our room which meant little to no sleep for us!  :(.  That kid flails all over the place at night!  (Just like his Momma, or so I'm told!).  Fever is better this morning but just vegging in the house - eating and drinking (and bossing me around) so he must be feeling better!  

It has been raining buckets here and is super windy today so staying in isn't bad.   Hope the weekend is better and everyone is healthy tomorrow cuz we have to go to work!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Out of the house this morning early and at breakfast and then fun at OMSI!  Woo hoo!