Thursday, April 24, 2014


Well we have been busy this past few weeks.  Went to Salem to hang with some friends and went to their Children's Museum so that's what some of the pics are below, we are drawing this morning and headed to Chuck E Cheese soon!  1st time!  

Logan is a chatterbox, asking lots of questions and also testing us!  Talked to a friend the other day and she said her daughter went thru the "terrible 3's" which seems like what we are in for a little bit.  Testing his boundaries, saying no, just regular kid stuff but it's ok!  He's learning quickly what's acceptable and not!  He's a good boy though, have to admit that.   Always been so good.  

Potty training is still happening too, getting better and better, no diaper at home and he is learning when he has to go and sit in the potty vs just going in his pants.  We are headed to Disneyland in a few wks so afterwards hopefully we can get rid of diapers during the day for good!  Long process!

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