Thursday, July 3, 2014


My little Logan wakes up every morning happy and full of life, since day 1!  You can't find a better baby and now little boy.  (Which he reminds me of every time  call him my baby.  😕. "I'm not a baby, I'm a boy."  O yeah, you are."

Time if flying by, he will be 3 this month!  Cannot believe it.  He's getting taller but not fatter, poor thing can't break 30 lbs but that's ok he's healthy and that's what's important.  Working on letter sounds and putting letters together to make words and he is memorizing how to spell little words here and there so some progress.

Looking for a possible pre-school once a week this fall and then next year as well, maybe more.  Have to keep researching, the few I found previously were spendy, just need to look for other options.

Roberto has a few days off after today so maybe we can spend some local time together as a family which would be nice, he's never able to go do the fun things we do duri g the week together like the zoo or OMSI or movies or crafts!  So we will see what happens.

Potty training is still in full effect - he doesn't wanna poop in it but everything else seems to be working.  I don't venture out with undies on too much yet, that will be the true test, but at home he doesn't wear anything but undies.  Pull-ups when we go out and a diaper at night.  He's pretty good about holding it even with his pull up, just a lot of bathroom visits every time se come and go!

Well it's gonna be a busy full long weekend, enjoy!

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